2015 – Art Horizon Series Season III, Phoenix Marketcity Kurla

Bhāva Mudrā:

Sushil Mangaonkar’s installation derives stimulus from the concept of ‘Bhāva’, which means sentiment or substance and also ‘being’ in Sanskrit. The heads displayed here each reflect a ‘Bhāva’ – from ‘Leela’, ‘Ajna’, ‘Metta’ to ‘Jeevana’, ‘Dhana’ and ‘Mana’. The medium he employs is translucent fibre glass which provides a perfect context for human existence which is coloured by ‘Bhava’. Each head acts as a vehicle to signify the ‘substance’ it invokes through Sushil’s unique treatment of embedding objects into its translucence. These are largely symbolic and derive from spiritual concept of the correlation between their nature and the ‘Bhāva’ they invoke. Some, like ‘Dhana’, are a social commentary on contemporary India’s rapid shift towards material riches.

AshokaAshoka_2AjnaDhana-MānaDhanaJeeraJeevanaLilaMettā BhāvanāMuktaPrinatiTarkaUpaya



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